Even without students on campus things are still busy around here with demos, and construction renovations. Anybody recognize these locations? In just a few weeks they already look different! 

Projects are moving along smoothly, and we can’t wait to show you progress reports on a variety of spaces throughout the summer. Stay tuned for more on the MakerSpace, science labs, elementary classrooms, and more!

If you’re interested in hearing more about the updates and changes going on around LM, feel free to reach out to a member of the team! We’d be happy to connect with you. Campus tours will be available during Homecoming weekend!

The future location for the Elementary school playground! This photo was taken out the second floor window of the Rutt Academic Building facing towards Greenland Drive.
Up close of the construction equipment working to create the space for the new playground.
The turf field is being rolled out in pieces so a new and updated surface can be placed.
Machinery carrying away sheets of the old turf field as it was taken apart.
This photo was taken from the third floor of the Rutt Academic Building where the Business Office was previously located. Those corner windows were the Superintendent’s Office that face out towards the entrance of campus and Route 30.
The lockers and flooring have been removed from the upstairs hallway of the 1964 classroom building.